Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine: The Comprehensive Review

Brother Sewing Machines

Brother XL2600I is not a complicated piece of equipment that is difficult to operate. Here are some of the numerous perks of Brother XL2600I which makes it convenient to its clients. The product is an electric powered sewing machine that users can easily control through the foot pedal. The tension of the thread could easily be adjusted by rolling the dial clockwise and counter-clockwise. The side part of the machine has a label that determines the length and the width of the stitch for easy identification making it more convenient to the sewer. It has a light bulb that can be considered as a safety feature when operating the machine. It has an automatic needle threader with a cutter. It has the tendency to make perfect button holes. The most important perk of this equipment is that it is cheaper compared to other sewing machines.

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The product Brother XL2600I is very easy to operate in the sense that children ages 6-15 years old can use this machinery with the supervision of their guardian or parents. Sewing as an activity is done for a specific purpose which is either to repair a clothing material or to make something out of that clothing material, but in the case of Brother XL2600I, sewing could now be done as an outlet for creativity.


There are certain reviews stating that their daughters could now repair their own clothes and make their own stuffed animals from sewing alone. Some reviews also state that their daughters are now using the only bought the equipment for the sewing class of their children; much to their surprise that these children would get higher grades just because of this tool.

If children ages 6-15 years old could operate the Brother XL2600I with ease, then adults should also be the same. Almost 80% of the positive reviews of Brother XL2600I stated that the product is cheap and is very easy to use. Some claim that they feel they have become sewing experts by the mere usage of the product. While some claim that they can now easily repair any clothing in their homes with ease. Aside from the user friendly feature, this product has included an easy to follow instruction manual to make it more usable to its buyers.

Brother XL2600I

Even though there are numerous positive reviews about the Brother XL2600I, there are also some negative reviews for the product. The idea of having a toy like appearance to other clients may be an advantage some, but to others it is not. The limited number of negative reviews views this product as a child’s toy which should not be used by expert sewers. It is made of plastic which is movable, and a machine with movable parts is not a durable one; this disadvantage was known to manufacturers which is why it has a long warranty (25 years).

In conclusion, Brother XL2600I is good for the first time and intermediate sewers, but it may not be very useful to expert sewers. The product was made cheap and it has a long warranty making it practical and convenient to all of its buyers. Despite the disadvantages, Brother XL2600I is a good merchandise that consumers can trust.

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